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Peace and Wellbeing

Amidst the chaos of the world we feel it is vitally important to seek peace and wellbeing.  Here are resources that you may find helpful:


Spiritual Health and Wellness:

The all powerful, merciful and loving God is calling each of us to to turn to Him, to hear Him speak with speak with Him. He is the one source of true and lasting peace.   Whatever your religion, we invite you to search for the increasing number of options online that will lead you closer to God.  Unite with the millions praying together online.

Mental Health and Wellness:

During these difficult times, here are resources to protect mental and physical wellbeing:


Resources for Wellness - Emerson Collective    (links to Crisis Support Lines, Anxiety Management, Meditation, Dance/Exercise Classes, Sports Classes, Music Classes, Book Clubs, Music etc)

Resources for those dealing with addiction

Connecting with Nature:

Frequently Asked Questions related to walking and running outdoors answered by Runners World

Article by America Walks

Start a Garden by NPR

Visit Yellowstone (Virtually)

Visit Yosemite (Virtually)

Connecting with Neighbor:


America's Food Fund

How to help others during the COVID Crisis

9 ways to help others during the COVID Crisis

Relief for the poorest of the poor


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